Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - I Was Born On A Pirate Ship (holdyourtongue) lyrics

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Is it right, left, right

I forgot how it goes again

There goes my head again

Drowing all its discipline

I could stand and stare you down

If I got off the ground

Set me up one more

I'm tired of keeping track

I'm on a mission now

Keep the monkey on my back

Chase it with another one

This has only just begun

Hold me down, break my wings

Wouldn't change a fucking thing

Sort of like feeling that you won

Then someone says you lose

Your bonds only break

When it's what you choose

Like staring at the sun

You can only go so long

But damned if you haven't tried it anyway

Gone again, leave me for now

Gonna get worse

Let the morning sort it out

Did I burn too bright?

Did I step out of line again

There goes your mouth again

Moving but I'm not hearing

Anything that's coming out

I don't care what you're about

Think I'll have another drop

Drown the world before I pop

Spinning in circles

Don't know forward from back

Barreling down

Like a train off the track

I will piss on your parade

Crush your crusade

It's not over till the last shot's gone

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