Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - Handmade Hard Times Handed Back lyrics

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I was just kid when I gound out how cruel the world could be

Faded pictures from forgotten times of endless misery

I lit a candle but i could not know why

We didn't talk about it anymore, the page already turned

Of all the things they had tried to teach

Indifference is what I learned

"Light a candle and you have done all you can"

Well I've watched as blind eyes turned away again

And seen iron wrought convictions as they've bent

Want to believe that it's not on your hands

So easy to pretend there's someone else who gives a damn

So easy, but so hard to forget

You can change the channel but it doesn't change the end

It looks like business as usual again

Drowned in your culture of "peace"

You turn your back to the "beast"

It's so easy to do

So easy.

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