Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs lyrics

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She's got a little book

She thinks it tells the truth

Easy answers so simple she can't refuse

It's disengenous, just like the smile on her face

Somewhere here there's a mind that has been misplaced

Taking the easy way always get you through the day

He's got a bank account

He's got a house in the hills

He burns the midnight oil, he can't get off the pills

He'd give it all away to get a little more

He's a bright exterior, an empty core

Doubt if he'll ever see

They're burning him in effigy

Losing yourself in the path that you've taken

You are nothing if not vacant

Fill yourself up just to end up more hollow

Fall to your knees for the false that you follow

She's got a catalog

It's full of hopes and dreams

It makes her hate herself, it's what she wants to be

She spends more every day, she wants the fairy tale

And everytime she tries, and everytimes she fails

She wallows in her shame

No one but herself to blame

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