Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - Fired-Side Chat lyrics

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Did you hear the latest one

About the footprints on your back

About how they lied

About how they stole

To keep each other in the black

I really wonder when it all comes down

Who will be dancing at the finish line

Ten to one it'll be the ones without a spine

Once again the truth fades into extinction

Short and sweet, this might burn a little now

It burns a little now

I've stopped looking for the medicine

I've stopped thinking it won't happen again

It's one thing to accept it

Another thing to let it catch you from behind

To shake you down

To live with it

And not make a sound

I've stopped looking for the medicine

I'm so sick that we're surprised

Everytime we're shown that power corrupts

Thump our chests at the man on the screen

Cursing the green

Tell ourselves that enough is enough

Another day

Another dollar

Another way to live with a life so intolerable

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