Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - File Under "Adult Urban Contemporary" lyrics

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watch them laugh unashamed

when they tear your rights away

they're counting on your silence

broken down by the weight

of the climate they create

psychological violence

and it's all for one

and none for us

just pretend you don't see it

try to blame only one

but accept that we've become a system that feeds it

we're taken a beating

the crooked arm of the law

authority over-reaching

dignity crushed in its claws

take a look around won't be long before you found

blatant intimidation

at the hand of a few

decorated all in blue

the suppress the accusations

keep your head bowed down

and don't look back

keep your hands in your pockets

people have died for less than that

made one wrong move

they got it in the back

the moment of outrage

matter not in the least

a little slap upon the wrist

welcome to the belly of the beast

little men with little minds

little roles that they define

these things are connected

trust them with power

without thinking twice

every man has got a price

do you feel protected

the chance is too much too resist

to hold another under your fist

i'd like to believe that

each time anothers lost

something is gained

the blue becomes a

reddish stain

and we are reminded

of who they really are

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