DIGABLE PLANETS - Jimmi Diggin' Cats

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Yo, everybody's goin retro, right?

And I was thinkin... if the 60's and 70's were now,

Isaac Hayes woulda have his own 900 number.


I know, and MC Hammer would've been a pimp, right?


Word, and jimmi would've dug us right?

[Doodlebug] Word.

[Butterfly] Yeah.


Get yours, float up to the stars

Planets hits a spot 'bout six blocks east of Mars.

Air soul kicks and crush velvet hats,

hangin off the ave with the beautifulest naps.

Ride in the crest with the blessed, give a yes.

Planets kinda funky, as if you hadn't guessed.

Placebo's gettin blocked, funky joints get rocked

Jive is not found, we fly from the flesh

Whether Jeep or 'Lac, Peak you as you been there and

Float to them raps, Butterfly's planets for the

Jam 8 Tracks... from the 90-tops with the

Twists and plaits, look beneath my hat

Find the braids that hit ya, metro quite equiped

Knows of all the funk that was laid in 7-zips

Funk is phat, homey homey don't you know me?

Cool is back, give some skin, lay it on me

Groovy you could call it, hip, yeah, you could call we,

Fikky sticky fingers stuck us, loot junkies.

If you diggin rhyme, then you diggin rap

Jimmi's diggin this and we be diggin that...


(The song is by some groovy cats. If you can dig

the cats, you can dig the song).


Yo, the black panthers would've had their own show right?


I know, and 8-track walkmans, right?


True, The Jackson Five would've had dreads.


Word, my man Tito would look fly, right?


Word, and Jimmi would've dug Dig Planets for real, word.


Planets bustin out of this L-7 square

Check out the wares, check out the hairs

Sweetback chills with Shav, on the ave

Jimmi's diggin cats, and that's just the half

Where'd they find the stuff to freak it like a wizzard,

Slick just like a lizzard? really weird, or is it?

It's just the logic, from how we rocks it

Pop shock picks it up and drops hits

We, the synthesis of then and now melts

channeled to the masses through a DJ and some felts

Long haired hippies, Afro blacks,

All get together across the tracks

Because when we shows up, rythm rolls up

Funk cannot be measured while the pleasure grows up

Life ain't what it seems, life is but a dream

Planets wreakin havok is as constant as the rain


(The song is by some groovy cats. If you can dig

the cats, you can dig the song.

Yeah, I can really dig how these cats get down with the

sound as it is today. The way they're bringing it all

together, they're cool. Brothas are doin it right. And

they're paying good respect to the masters, I can

dig it. It's exactly the way it should be.

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