Diamond Rugs

Diamond Rugs - Voodoo Doll

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Backdoor on the crazy

Repetition on rewind

I don't even think I know you, honey

Susceptible to any crime


What got into you?

It's coursing through and through

And through and through and through

Now anywhere I go, you'll follow

Tell me what you please

It's so hard not to believe

That anywhere I go you'll follow

See, anywhere I go you'll follow

(Verse 2)

Brought up with real conviction

Gotta make my momma proud

I think you think I'm your addiction

Not knowin' if you're in the crowd



Oh, come on!

Here she comes again!

Oh... come on!

Here, she's got you runnin'!

(Verse 3)

My picture on your wall

Is kinda like your voodoo doll

She knows exactly where to find you



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