Diamond Rugs

Diamond Rugs - Couldn’t Help It

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To you, my sweetest lover, please, don't find another

Don't want no face that's not my own

Don't want a face of paint if you would cut the chain

It'll kill the greatest love I've known


I can't help it, baby

It would make me cry

I couldn't help it, baby

If you said goodbye

(Verse 2)

Days get stranger, baby, feel the danger, maybe

You started having second thoughts

Now I'm medicating, oh, it gets agitating

And in your eyes you know I'm lost

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)

Time to break the habit, hmm, too tough came biting

But I can beat it if I try

I'll sharpen all my wits, I'm reeling all of this

If you could stay by my side

(Chorus x2)

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