Diamond Rugs

Diamond Rugs - Ain’t Religion

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I'm havin' fun, baby

Down for the count

Till I'm gone too, baby

Would you hang around?

Listening to your heart, baby

Somewhere in the dreams

It's been so long, baby

Would you sing to me?

You'll kill my blues, baby

Please, set me free!


The bad part's over now

I had to kill it

But we don't mind smell of blood

This was no sacrifice

This ain't religion

Hmmm, hmmm, girl keeps spinnin'

(verse 2)

A chance of slim, baby

I could have missed

My closet's empty, baby

Well, take a look at this



My lips are grim, baby

When you come my way

But ain't you bait maybe?

You could say it again

I am no odd pretender

Would you take my hand?

Mark my words, I'll remember

When you say yes!

Tell me yes!


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