Diamond District

Diamond District - March On lyrics

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Were here man

We’re always gonna be here

Built this city

Step by step

Brick by brick

We paid this greatness way back

With the masses of people that love the way

We march on the beat of our own drum

And the city where the people come

Only to get a piece

I start doing this

Spend across 10 miles radius

Didn’t you hear the drums in the distance?

The city got a heart beat

Call people from far

We corner the market when it comes to hustling

But make no mistake

That flash that comes in a course

In front of the new movement

They call it city improvement

But I ain’t still seeing straight

The victory is just ahead

And it will turn back now

It’s time to round the troops

Better show you how

And put your best foot forward

And march on

March on Washington

March on

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