Diamond District

Diamond District - March Off lyrics

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I'm committed, I'm committed, I'm committed to this life that I'm livin'

Ain't no use in quittin', it's the only one I got

So I'mma make the best of it, like a compilation disk is

This is the motion of a march, Bonaparte

My soldiers know that it's cold but we be listed

No phones on my feet, but there's duggle(?) on my drums

So y'all-ready know that where I'm from don't be dumb

And we gon' make you understand our language like The Bricks'

Quiver all that, younger knight sniff vicious

This is what the city whisper in my ear when I come visit

I can kick it in the thirty young, it ain't nothin' different

Becuz my people know that when I travel I'm just

Marchin' on a mission to introduce to the globe that we the gifted

Exquisite is that, so cover me in paper

I'm marchin' to the bank, my shoebox went into labor

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