Diamond District

Diamond District - First Step lyrics

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The Holy Trap, who else could do it, you know it's only them!

Back like the rapsters, still doin' it for the cappel

Worldwide now, we like Earth when it fire

Suburb fly sound, now bout to take the high of

DC Road Rum, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach

Quotables in the wash done impose, y'all

Do it for the cap like we over budget

And overdo it, cause we do it like nobody does it

A young'n, which y'all like the best-o

Vibe like the Metro, a hand sight, freedom for the ghetto

We claimin' the torch, claimin' they wrong

We came in the door, droppin' along till the gimmicks put a stop in the pause

Let's say hello to the ending!

What started you all but your intentions?

The rhythm was the root of it all

See you later in neva goodbye, when a spurr comes back in music

Now you know why! March!

(Hook break)


(Verse 2)

Wale? This is the ship that took the scale

When you ride up on the empty, almost gotta lift the tail

A young'n hunger like you're missin' meals, different feels

Spinnin' wheels, you tryna live your dream till it kills

Romans get stolen like the feet that still in feel

Been zoomin' on any human more than you do yourself

Know the L?! Just know, by the end of the day the true did it well

If not to keep rockin', lockin' your talking and bang!

Aim high, cause otherwise you'll see I love life, bitch

Push forward, don't know anybody owe Mike shit

I do the make more sense and roll with great folks

That ain't no glitch, we make pesos and stay focused

Upon the greater that lay-off for later, that may never come

Now also get the choke that's be taken for anyone

Twart not the rhyme, neva stop, knowin' them cops won't come

But still be march on Washington

Come on!

(Hook break)


(Verse 3)

This is what I give 'em, wisdom of the rhythm

From the district known as prison with ? as the emblem

We all get what I came from, they doin' all that I bend 'em

Doin' all that from ?, from extra I make an income

I'm a beast from the East, the product of hard streets

Hard to eat - smaller the beast, margin larger the teeth

Man, it's just the way it go, if I wanna say it so

Say it knowin' ye ain't postin' too hot ye be layin' low

Different day, same shit, same script ever played

This the way of the world and I'm just tryna fit in place

And tryna play the part of an mockery to my art

So anything I do is a part of me from the start

I'm gettin' better sleep while these niggas layin' awake

Keep it movin' with the troop while niggas layin' in place

Only fill deals on the counter, ain't for the fakes!

DMV, world be known, is the greatest!

Keep up with the pace!

(Hook break)


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