Diamond D

Diamond D - D-I-A-M-O-N-D lyrics

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Hey~! Yeah

Jha, Jha

D-I, A-M-O-N-D

I am, without no en-vy

D-I, A-M-O-N-D

My words, are B-O-N-D

Hey hey (hey) you mighta heard of me

I'm scorchin hot, niggaz call me third degree

I get it crackin off the top, urgently

And I'm so focused on the verge to be

The bonafide authentic, head of my class

"Stunts, Blunts" some say I could never surpass

Mami said I got a choice - head or the ass

But I ain't thirsty and sometimes it's better to pass

Some say fat boy got a lot of nerve

Cause I move with a swag, got a lot of verbs

All I know is hustlin, so I gotta serve

Drunk drivin on the Deegan, without a swerve

Cell phone in my right, blunt in my left

Behind the Halton frames, stuntin to death

It don't mean that I'm vain, or want to impress

It's just the way I move I got nuttin to stress


- repeat 2X

Hey hey (hey) I used to be like you

Stand behind me like tint, and I see right through

Lookin for charm, see yellow, see light blue

See a man gettin money then you see right too

Ooh, I'm back at it, it's pragmatic

Make you piss in your pants like it's prosthetic

So don't get dramatic, stand at ease

Cause I run with gorillas that'll blam your kneees

Please, the authentic, truck all tinted

You stood around in the heap that's all dented

I'm a hundred percent, you all rented

Keep a stack of Benjy's freshly all minted

Yes, so you can call it what you want

Uhh, I'm at the crap tables like call it what you want

Hahaha, me and the team, haters can't ignore us

I send 'em to the forest, help me sing the chorus

- repeat 2X

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