Destroyer - Notorious Lightning lyrics

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Oh, Notorious Lightning! Yes, I had to ride you

And trash the crystal jets they kept in storage inside you!

I was told never to question it.

Now I'm facing twenty years for every night I tried to ingest the snow so lightly! (huh?)

You simply couldn't put down the Black Book.

You dreamt the dreams of the Self-Taught Man.

You warn the ladies not to be corrupted by their looks,

But your voice comes out soft and slanted!

And you're living off what government's granted you:

Amnesty from the true

Thing. Now, Sandra, slowly remove the ring and watch Notorious Lightning surround you.

Watch Notorious Lightning surround you.

Watch Notorious Lightning surround you.

I lay myself down to observe your gilded jeans hit the ground,

And have not grown from this worship.

I lay myself down to surrender,

Watch the trust funds gorge us again,

And have not grown from this worship.

So, Great Pretender, pull a face! Let's see the best 'forlorn' you know!

Just don't sing, "Barricades In The Morning" - it's been three days in a row

And it never comes off like you planned it!

Something once was delivered, then you banned it

But, oh, there is a key to this thing...

Notorious Lightning...

There is a monument.

There is a place within it that I have won.

And there is victory at sea.

And then there's the sun

Crashing down upon us

Faithful readership of the Old Warden. We beg -

"No not another ode to the Garden! You've let the Book of Appeals pile up!"

So, Child of the East, it's time

To shrug off the Beast and take a look at what you've done.

The half-breed jury agrees you're OK,

But what they never seem to say is that it's never

The defense's witness...

and someone's got to fall before someone goes free.

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