Destroyer - New Ways of Living lyrics

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Maybe I should have loved you.

Maybe I should have sworn

Not to be born

Of this wretched glove too soon,

But a dragon needs room!

A dragon needs room!

A dragon needs room

To run, run, run, run...

I was a desert in love with extremes.

You married well, a gentlewoman of means who

Kept the word "Destroyer" embroidered on her jeans, too

(La la la)

I wore skins. I didn't care who survived.

The band foretold trends from Spring of '85.

They're calling it "The New Decay"...

Hey, so am I.

(La la la)

Treacherous fop, don't be embarrassed

For looking good at your table on the terrace

That you call home. I'm sold!

Paris, London, Rome's too old for you

And your kind

Explosions want to see what they can find:

New ways of living...

It's you and your kind:

The New Ways of Living!

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