Defect Designer

Defect Designer - Flies On Your Lips lyrics

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U choose a new form of unliving

You've deceived mind for the time being

You've been fooling around, amusing other freaks and now

You've performed ur final best trick

To have sole confidence in all ur next days

Complete ur manifest without a delay

To pass on ur debts, u are unbound

U took this step and now you've calmed down

Performance culmination & dramatic full-swing

Procrastination takes a step to change the routine

At eye blink you've seen all things u haven't achieved

Momentary ur problems are foreva concealed

Flies on ur lips, u eyes on me

Full confidence, in latest manifest release

Flies on ur lips, ur stare at me

Mimicry alive, dead certainty

Ova the Styx Charon leads u

Hades accepts u with warm welcome

And the new company also greets u

They adore ur peace and neglect of environs

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