Defect Designer

Defect Designer - Crusaders lyrics

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Hoistin' clank of a failin' system

Devourin' her own children

Beasts cuttin' stomachs, rape it

A new apocalypse in makin'

Infidelity as subsidized cruelty

When u exchange ur bread for life

U fuel the ugly loop of time

We bring ur kingdom fear and gore

Cover our intentions like a planted spy, a clonidine whore

To plunder u in civil war

To suck out ur resources like the leech sucks blood from its victim's bores

Eviscerate ur country, pump u oil right through ur bores

Thrash stream of dead bodies carried with live dull glances

The self lobotomized crowd swear an oath to puppets

Troubled times bring on a new cycle

They're fueled by press' lies

Lead by treasonous disciples

For tremendous decline

For restraint, for deprival

The tremendous decline

with no chance of survival

New lil kings will loose their heads enjoyin' the short time of their grace

The lil mice will loose their minds unthinkingly servin' their 'friends'

So welcome our smiles

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