Defect Designer

Defect Designer - Berenice lyrics

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So ur teeth are mine!

Wash the garments from gore

Impressed with human nails

Thrillin' distinct whispers

'The physician's box'

Ur ivory pieces in my box

A gift from disfigured enshrouded

From ur parted, thin and shrunken lips

Pieces of beauty i've encountered

Ur lustreless pupil less eyes

Glassy stare invites to ur smile

After ur drastic change they’re all mine

As u no longer need teeth

Interred at the closin' in of the night, still

Palpitate as I get them

Palpitate! Sudden epilepsy that helps me find

What bride enwombed behind sane and alive

Maladies at hand guide me to

The vigor to get treasures so hidden inside

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