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Deepspace 5 - F-words

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[Verse 1: Sev Statik] I sung a song of Freedom way before the sixties Shackled in my chains quickly, search for Freedom Stick these music notes to the sky for my peoples to see em So they might just lead em from the night to Freedom Be it said, I made a man from a fool Damnation is upon this earth, search for Freedom Who else is seeing what I'm seeing ain't believing While we're bleeding for the cause of Freedom God's laws, I keep em close as much as any human being could You and who? Crews left behind should Now get in line for the Food For thought we're serving For the Freedom I hold is worth it all gained Change is pain, death stays the same, no growth No hope, all lies, no sunrays, just rain Titles are taken as the day gets longer Stronger I become in Forgiveness For Freedom [Chorus: Dust on the Cuts] "Would use the F-Word, but Ice Cube got the copyright." [Verse 2: manCHILD] Focus on the blurred words, hopeless in the first verse Insert bursts of energy and Focus on the worst curse It hurts worse, Focus until these scribbles become a picture Wallpaper my padded cell with explicit content stickers And I figure I noticed my Focus slipping out the back door Things I wrote made no sense to me like a retail crack store Decided to speak less and Focus on the track more Found my Focus , patched the wounds, became each other's solace Felt your Feelings with my Fingertips, Fell back from the painfulness Found my way to my Feet again and pleaded with my label this Is twenty-something years in the making, raw Forms of innovation Forget the commerce. Let's Focus on creation Focus, shoot holes in your perception, you'll hit the target Make sure you take your shoes off when you're walking on the carpet From the harlot to the virgin, any soul in time and space where I trod I shake the gates of hell and Focus on God [Chorus] [Verse 3: The Listener] The Fact is, most of the time I rhyme I Force Fiction into your minds, I Feel guilty For awhile Because of your susceptible nature But then I smile consciously at it's design, For a Fact I do this art like it's my only way to speak Paint 35-second murals into your thoughts with the Fumes making you weak The Fact of the matter is my heart tears Four ways For your bleakness Fortunately I know that you're just being Fecicious But that's not a Fact that most can heavily rely on My quest is to Factually Find the balance between classic and Krylon Forgetting the bold-Faced Facts is what you seem Free to Focus on Deepspace5 Freaking Fictitious crews with our Fact Fractions Fostering truth, raising up your broke minds in traction Our Faction Flattens all lies you want to give us Searching out Facts to uncover your injustice [Bridge:] "A," Absolutely, "B," Because it's dope "C," Constantly moving heads and going for broke "D," the Definition of Def, "E," Excel to burn emcees "F," Finishing words eternally [Repeat]

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