Death Death Die

Death Death Die - U Can Go

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Have you ever been out late at night "up in the club"

Looking for the right lady on the wrong side of one too many

If you know what I mean mate?

We've all done it, you hit rock bottom and the next thing you know

She's lying there next to you

Sometimes it's good

Most times, it's bad

But what the fuck is up with the whole

"I don't have to actually wash myself do I?"

Yeah! You do!

You say that's your look

And you don't have to clean it

If you don't take a shower then there's no sex.

I mean it.

I know what I'm here for

I don't have to see it

There's no way I'm there if you don't Mr Sheen it

Chorus 1

The sun is up now

And I can see how

You're a party foul girl

Pussy dandruff

You can go fuck yourself!

Waking up in a foreign place

The sights and smells and a strangers face

As you pull back the covers and reveal the disgrace

Of a journey you just took below the waist

And you realize that you've got a case

Of the morning afters and an awful taste

So you start to mumble cause you're feeling crazed

Lord, I'll do anything

If you would just erase

All the drinks and coke and the pot marijuana

'cause all I remember is Dolce Gabana

And a face like an ape that I fed a banana

She said something about us being

Trump and Ivana


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