Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie - Binary Sea

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Oh, Atlas could not understand

The world was so much smaller than

The one he used to hold before

But the weight it brought him to the floor

As u watched him struggle to his feet

U took photos capturin' his defeat

& messaged them to all ur friends

& we all laughed at his expense

Oh, come my love & swim with me

Out in this vast Binary Sea

0s & 1s patterns appear

They'll prove to all that we were here

For if there is no document

We cannot build our monument

So look into the lens &

I'll make sure this moment neva dies

Oh, Atlas could not stay engaged

Was more distracted every day

U slowly fell into disarray

Just tryna think of somethin' to say

For if there is no document

There cannot be a monument

So lean in close or lend an ear

There's somethin' brilliant bound to happen here

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