DC TALK - Yo! Ho! Ho!

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(here we go)

Yo ho ho, I'm good to go

Hypin' on the mic cause god said so

He said, "yo, go out and fish for men"

A genuine commission that put us in

To tell you about our savior and lord

So if you wonder what's up well, you're in store

For more than a happy, go-lucky tune

About christmas and how it's coming soon

This song will tell ya how it all began

And how man [oh man] seemed to change that plan

Know this to be true in black and white

God's word said so so you know that's right

It's christmas time


Yo! ho! ho! ho! [x3]

We're good to go


A benz pulled up figured it was dis

So on twelve twenty-fifth give me all the gifts

I mean, each year christmas rolls around

For mucho gifts the t was down

(from) stereo, mixers, to microphones

I caused pops to take ridiculous loans

Until a few years back I attended a play

About christmas and it went this way:

People were illin' all across the land

It was tax season and the king had a plan

He sent all the people back to where they were born

For a census which I'm sure they adored

As we move down the line things start to get hairy

God chose joseph and a virgin named mary

By this time I was on the edge of my pew

But hold up I gotta break for a few



It's christmas time

And all the gifts I find

But true love is

Found in jesus christ


(it ain't jingle bells, baby)

Mary was a virgin but laden with child

Yo doc! [yes?] ponder that for a while

They grabbed a couple of mules started across the land

Their destination was called bethlehem

Ya know, night had fallen they arrived in a fix

Cause every inn was full even motel 6 [word!]

They got it goin' on in the west side of town

It wasn't quite home but they had a bed down

On this very night she delivered a babe

It was a boy [god's son] comin' into the world to save

And unbind mankind from a serious debt

Called sin that god couldn't forget

Without sendin' his son as a gift to man

He lived to be thirty-three and then died

For the plan of salvation so the choice is yours

The true gift of christmas ain't found in stores

Yo, where's little drummer boy?


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