DC TALK - What Have We Become lyrics

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A preacher shuns his brother<br>Cause his bride's a different color<br>And this is not acceptable<br>His papa taught him so<br>It was love that he'd been preaching<br>But this was overreaching<br>The boundaries stretchin' further<br>Than his heart would choose to go<br><br>Like an angel with no wings<br>Like a kingdom with no king<br><br>(chorus 1)<br>What have we become? <br>A self indulgent people<br>What have we become? <br>Tell me where are the righteous ones? <br>What have we become? <br>In a world degenerating<br>What have we become? <br><br>(chorus 2)<br>Speak your mind, look out for yourself<br>The answer to it all is a life of wealth<br>Grab all you can cause you live just once<br>You got the right to do whatever you want<br>Don't worry about others or where you came from<br>It ain't what you were, it's what you have become<br><br>Mom and dad are fightin'<br>As rosie lies there crying<br>For once again she's overheard<br>Regrets of their mistake<br>With christmas bells a-ringing<br>Little rosie'd leave them grieving the gift she'd give her family<br>Would be the pills she'd take<br><br>An inconvenient child<br>She wasn't worth their while<br><br>(repeat choruses 1 and 2)<br><br>What about love? <br>What about god? <br>What about holiness? <br>What about mercy, compassion and selflessness? <br><br>You know it's true<br>He is there for me and you<br>Doesn't matter what you do<br><br>(repeat chorus 1)<br><br>What have we become? <br>Have we come undone? <br>What have we become? <br>Have we come undone? <br>What have we become? <br><br>(repeat chorus 2)<br><br>Selfish... ? ? ? <br>With selfish... ? ? ? <br>Selfish people<br>When you gonna learn? <br>Everyone of us<br>Gathered 'round in trust<br>What have we become?

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