DC TALK - Voices Praise Him lyrics

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(chorus)<br>Priase him<br>Praise him<br>Voices raisin'<br>Priase him<br>Praise him<br>Voices raisin'<br><br>Praise him, my friend, cause he sits on high<br>He's the lord God almighty so don't ask why<br>Just worship him, adore him, and sing this praise<br>Ignite it, don't fight it, light it, leave it ablaze<br>Let it burn in your heart, stir in your soul<br>Proclaim honor to the father as your lifelong goal<br>So sing allelujah and let the word ring<br>Praise him, voices raise him as we worship the king<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>When we praise, we raise the mighty name of the king<br>We're born again, y'all, we got a song to sing<br>He died, he's our guide, and we call him christ<br>A man, a hill, a cross and a price<br>The king of kings, rose of sharon, the savior of men<br>He's the alpha and omega, the beginning and end<br>The sure lord of lords, the creator on high<br>Praise him, voices raisin' as it rings in the sky<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>Praise, let's raise the roof tonight<br>We're children of the lord, we're soldiers of light<br>Rejoice, let's voice his name on high<br>For he has given us all the gift of life<br><br>(bridge)<br>Let everything that has breath<br>Praise him<br>Praise him<br>In one accord unto the lord<br>Praise him<br><br>Allelu, do the do and begin to rejoice<br>Sing aloud, y'all, make a joyful noise<br>Young david used to rave it when he played on his harp<br>He wrote the psalms, a book of songs from his heart<br>Two thousand years later still a craze to praise<br>Not a phase, stand amazed at the infinate blaze<br>It's eternal, that's a fact, and I use rap<br>To bring glory mandatory cause the king will be back<br><br>(repeat chorus)

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