DC TALK - There Is A Treason At Sea lyrics

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I am solo in this world of water<br>Only the tip of a sunrise visible<br>Like the morning light in a little girl's eyes<br>I crave this freedom<br>I find it only in this little ship<br>Just my soul and this bread and butter<br>I am comfortable<br>But there is a treason at sea<br>Is it me? <br>It is a wonder, supernatural cover of war<br>The dark ones who eternal in damnation grow<br>Set about me now<br>How they whine and crow<br>I am solo<br>In this world of wet<br>And bitter is my temperament<br>I close the door to sentiment<br>And I relish all my youth<br>I realize that I am doomed<br>Fear of love and fear of you<br>But you give me the keys to paradise<br>It is you who sympathize<br>You and your perfection grow<br>I am cradled in your oceans throw<br>I crave your freedom in this little ship<br>For you alone can chart my trip<br>And like these waves I lose my grip<br>And I sink into your arms

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