DC TALK - Talk It Out lyrics

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T, jumpin' on the m-i-c to

Promote talk in the family

You, say parents don't understand

Yo, that's ill, I know they can

But, you're feelings they cannot read

And, communication is the key

See, this structure is under attack, jack

And all see it from white to black

We got problems like never before

That won't fade by lockin' your door

Or runnin' away, so hear what I say

Yo, talk is the only way


Talk it out

Talk it out

Talk things out, begin to pray, ya'll

This unit is the only way

Created by god, the father of all

Who gave each entity a different call

Add it all together to build a team

One voice, one unit, a Christian theme

But this can't happen if ya shut the door

Block things out and begin to ignore

Verbal interaction is atop the list

The only antidote to slashing a wrist

Talk things out with the father above

Boy, communicate with the ones ya love



You say you've got problems

Thinkin' they don't recognize

Let communication solve them

God will open up their eyes


You gotta talk, talk it out

Cause dc talk is all about, well

This thing called a name

To ya family, it ain't no game

So just look, look to the hook

Of a song based on the good book, y'all

Of life, ya know what I'm sayin'

Dct and we ain't playin'

[Chorus x2]

Talk it out

All you gotta do is talk it out

Talk it straight up with your family [x4]

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