DC TALK - Socially Acceptable

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[it's okay, it's all right]<br><br>It's okay, it's alright<br>Yeah, here we go<br>Dct is in the house boy<br>It's okay, it's alright<br><br>Whatcha thinking, doing the things you do<br>Whose opinion are ya listening to? <br>Justifying, you turn it all to gray<br>Synchronizing to society's ways<br><br>Society has gotten to be all outta whack<br>And don't bother with excuses whether white or black<br>To blame it on a color won't get a result<br>Because history reveals to me how ethics were lost<br>In reality our decency has taken a plunge<br>In God we trust is an american pun<br>Funny how it happened so suddenly<br>Hey yo fellas, kick the melody...<br><br>(chorus)<br>Socially acceptable, it's okay, it's all right<br>Socially acceptable, it's okay, in whose sight<br>Socially acceptable<br><br>Times are changing, with morals in decay<br>Human rights have made the wrongs okay<br>Something's missing, and if you're asking me<br>I think that something is the g-o-d<br><br>To label wrong or right by the people's sight<br>Is like going to a loser to ask advice<br>And by basing your plans<br>On another man's way of living life<br>Is creating a brand of ethics<br>Sure to be missing the punch<br>No count morals that are out to lunch<br>They're sliding away cause everything is okay<br>It was taboo back then but today ya say, what the hey<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>Yeah, yeah, yeah<br>Here we go, here we go<br>A come on, a come on<br>Here we go, here we go<br>A come on, a come on<br>Here we go, here we go<br>A come on, a come on<br>Here we go, here we go<br>A come on, a come on<br><br>Everybody's doin' it<br>Who's doin' it<br>Everybody's doin' it<br>Yo, who's doin' it<br>Everybody's doin' it<br>Who's doin' it<br>Everybody's doin' it<br>Yo, yo, yo, who's doin' it<br>Ohhhh, alright<br>Ohhhh, come on<br><br>(bridge)<br>We gotta back to the principles found in the word<br>A little g-o-d could be society's cure<br>From the state that we're in cause again we're slipping<br>So pray for america cause time is ticking<br><br>(repeat chorus 2x)<br><br>Socially respectable<br>Socially acceptable<br>Socially respectable

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