DC TALK - So Help Me God lyrics

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[i got something for you, man]<br>[go for a ride]<br><br>Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface<br>I flee to something deeper<br>At the risk of seeking purpose<br>How can I hang in this environmental state of being<br>When everything I'm striving for<br>Is nothing that I'm seeing<br><br>(chorus 1)<br>Won't you take my heart, won't you take my soul<br>Won't you come and make me whole again<br>You, you've got what I need and you never retreat<br>Unto you I will concede<br><br>(chorus 2)<br>So help me god<br>To put my faith in you<br>So help me god<br>Before I come unglued<br>Call it my addiction<br>I can't get enough of you<br>So help me god<br>To put my faith in you<br><br>Infected by the skin I'm in this starving with desire<br>And jesus ain't the latest thing to come across the wire<br>I throw myself at mercy for I am the chief of sinners<br>But daily taking up my cross<br>Has brought it's share of splinters<br><br>You're there when I call<br>And you're there when I fall<br>Even though I don't deserve it all<br>You, you light my way<br>Through the night and the day<br>And from you I will not stray<br><br>(repeat chorus 2)<br><br>(vamp)<br><br>(repeat choruses 1 and 2)<br><br>God so help me<br>This is my soul plea<br>I'm desperately devoted<br>I can't get enough of you<br>So help me god<br><br>Cause you are the one I love<br>Cause you are the one I need<br>[i need you]<br>Cause you are the one I'm seeking<br>[every single day]<br>Cause you are the one for me<br><br>[i just walked into a meet in 3...<br>And everybody's starin' at me...<br>I gotta go]

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