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I ain't tryin' to dog the old man in red

The white beard or the flyin' sled

Truth be known I always did enjoy

The thought of santa bringin' all the toys

But now rudolph, frosty, and the gang

Christmas it wouldn't have been the same

But our minds didn't miss a line

See, this season was once defined

As a birthday for a mighty king

"yo, hark!" the herald angels sing

About peace and mercy all the while

Yo, on this day we were reconciled


There is a reason for the season


Jesus is the reason

There is a reason for the season


Jesus is, jesus is the reason

He's the reason for the season and my reson to rap

Ya know he put bethlehem on the map

When he was born of a virgin with man and god mergin'

Can't you see that the truth keeps searchin'

On and on and it never ever stops y'all

So break it down and listen as the beat drops

Have you forgotten about the one

The birthday of god's only son?

It's the one gift some refuse to take [word!]

They soon find that they made a mistake

Because now is the time that grace abounds

And now is the time that you should be layin' a crown

The givin' and receivin's all fine and grand

I just want you to understand that



Silent night

(oh silent night)

Oh holy night

[oh holy]

All is calm

And all is bright

Ha ha!

We're gathered in your face!

Christmas it's a festive time

So I decided to deliver a rhyme

In the mood of the season that's pleasin'

But in reality what's the reason for christmas?

It's before your eyes

The first six letters drop the why's

Yo! c-h-r to the i-s-t

So much than just history

See, he is the gift from god the big g

And his blood [yo!] will set you free

So take the gift from the father above

Yo! enjoy some of this christmas love

Ah yeah

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