DC TALK - No More lyrics

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(DCT in effect!)

Now you were born right into a world of sin

Short of god, the lord of all men

From the jump on the sixth day

A breath of life embarked a nu way

All they could want and so much more

Satan made a move to settle the score

Threw out a bait that still don't miss

A human want whatcha cannot have fix


No more givin' in

No more givin' in to this thing we call sin

I'm sayin'

No more givin' in

No more givin' in to sin

The fall of man cold lit the spark

And offspring gotta deal with a heart

Full of sin, all guilty at birth

Fight it like a habit for all you're worth

Until you find thatcha cannot stand

Super-natch defeats a mere man

But there's a way to get ahead of the sin game

Beat it down in the power of god's name



This givin' in's gotta come to an end

Through Christ, we can say no to sin

More of god, much less of me

Is the key thought to a victory

But it can't be done with an unsure vow

And you'll fail til ya choose to bow your head

But when ya finally do

You'll find the words of god to be true

[Chorus x2]

Word up people, we ain't about sin no more

As a matter of fact,

We cold boycottin' sin right off the face of this earth

Yo k-max, you down with that?

[I'm steppin' to that!]

Yo t, you got my back on this boycott sin thang?

[ya know it, holmes!]

Word up sin, you are history!


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