DC TALK - It's Killing Me lyrics

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Hello, goodbye<br>I wanted to see, but I guess i<br>I don't have the strength to speak tonight<br>It's tricky sometimes<br>When you wanted to run, you'd always hide<br>You can't find the truth behind the lies<br><br>Another day and I'm on my feet, yeah<br>But the street feels like it's sleeping<br>I'm on a mission and it ain't too sweet<br>You're the reason I'm afraid<br>Said, you're the reason I'm afraid<br><br>(chorus)<br>But I want you to know<br>It's killing me<br>I think I gotta let go<br>Cause it's killing me<br>You're gonna do what you want<br>But you better believe<br>It's killing me<br><br>Love never dies<br>It's the reason that I won't compromise<br>But sometimes you fall before you fly<br><br>I've seen it coming for quite some time, man<br>I don't know what you're thinking<br>How can the two of us walk in stride<br>If we don't see eye to eye<br>You got me all messed up inside<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>(bridge)<br>Is it too late in the game<br>There is no one left to blame<br>I will always mention you<br>To the one that I pray to<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>Why can't you see that you're killing me

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