DC TALK - I Luv Rap Music

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[some people out there givin' rap a bad name<br>Well I'm here to let you know, we ain't down with that]<br><br>Rap music, the sound of the times<br>Ya sorta talk lyrics to rhythm and rhyme<br>And then deliver in various ways<br>You know, some sorta preach, and some sorta play<br>Nevertheless, there's a common ground [word!]<br>Ya know the def hip hop sound<br>Hyped up bass with a tiny snare<br>The subwoofer makes ya neighbor stare<br>But still<br><br>(interlude)<br>I luv rap music<br>I always have, and I always will<br><br>Now rap started as the voice of the street<br>A sorta politics to a ghetto beat<br>Then rappers started braggin' all about their gold<br>And the girlies, and the beepers<br>And the big, black olds-mobile<br>In '83, the beatbox hit<br>Makin' funky drum sounds from out ya lips<br>But takin' on nu forms, rap has moved from the block<br>Now some mix it with soul and some mix it with rock<br>Ya know<br><br>(chorus)<br>I luv rap music<br>I always have, and I always will<br>There ain't no other kinda music in all the world<br>That makes me feel quite as chill<br>I luv rap music<br>Ya know, it's sittin' on the top of my list<br>So if ya wanna hang with me, ya better believe<br>We'll be jammin' to a hip hop mix<br><br>Concert time in my part of the town<br>Ya know, I brought my mom cause I knew she was down<br>She was flat groovin', but couldn't understand<br>How they makin' music when there ain't no band<br>And then she cried, james, everybody stared<br>She heard a james brown sample and thought he was there<br>She got home, shook her head and said,<br>Kids these years<br>But then again, we think the beatles were weird<br><br>I luv rap music<br>I luv rap music<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>Today some rappers boast, some are makin' me ill<br>And those obscene lyrics are overkill<br>But I started m.c.in' way back in the day<br>And since then there's been a serious change<br>Ya know, I asked christ to come into my heart<br>And he gave me a brand new start<br>And on top a dat, he cold gave me my dreams<br>Doin' hip hop music with a christian theme<br>Ya know<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>I luv rap music<br>I luv rap music<br>I luv rap music<br>I luv rap music

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