DC TALK - He Works lyrics

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Well I'm a Christian, and you know that's true

But sometimes things are lookin' blue

Because, I lose sight, and I fall back

I start chillin' to the wrong kinda rap

Suddenly I look to see where I am

I call upon the lord to give me a hand

My nature is sin, my flesh corrupt, y'all

But, thank god, things are lookin' up, cause

He works


He's workin' on my walk

And I know he works

He's workin' on my talk

And, my god, he works

He's workin' in my life

And I said, he works

And we will get it right

In school monday mornin' at 8 a.m.

First period and I'm stuck with gym

Get dressed in the locker room and head out the door

Not quite feelin' like i've felt before

My boys grab my arm and pull me aside

"yo t," [yo, what?], "it's time to get high"

I thought for a second, didn't utter a word

Looked 'em in the eyes, said haven't ya heard

About a change in my life, now I'm free

Christ took time on a brother like me

I turned, took a step, as I walked away

I just smiled and couldn't help but say

He works



God is always workin'

God is always workin'

Now ya know what I'm sayin when I tell it like this

Some brothers might ill, in the form of a dis

But I know one thing that is guaranteed

Through Christ, I can do anything

For him to work in ya life, ya gotta be on track

Commit ya heart, then live like that

I guess it does take two to make a thing go right

But the two that I'm talkin' of is you and Christ

He works

[Chorus x4]

[Bridge x2]

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