DC TALK - Final Days lyrics

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Well I walk through this world livin' day to day<br>I see the people, hear what they have to say<br>Take a look at the ethics, morals, and goals<br>Makin' gods outta men that rock 'n roll<br>Like sodom and gomorrah, this world will fall<br>A total destruction, destiny of all<br>Who have mocked the name of jesus, the savior and lord<br>In the battle of armageddon and a two-edged sword<br>Satan in a day he will never forget<br>When the king hurls him into a bottomless pit<br>So keep your eyes on the lord, don't follow human ways<br>Cause it's written in the word, these are the final days<br><br>(chorus)<br>Final days<br>Change your ways<br>Final days<br><br>The final days is what my song's about<br>Words so intense I might have to shout<br>Some might play hard and say I'm wack<br>But I'm talkin' about truth not egomaniac<br>And as long as they listen, they won't be dissin'<br>Cause rappin' final days is a serious mission<br>Just so they learn, I will stand stern<br>I hope my words make ya start to churn<br>I'm concerned with the life that you're livin' now<br>Your's ego's so bad that ya can't even bow<br>To the master of all, creator of creation<br>I'm talkin' bout God no misinterpretation<br>Rappin' hard for the one who deserves the best<br>Speakin' rhymes that will try and put your heart to test<br>Don't stop and stare me down with that b-boy haze<br>Get busy, cause these are the final days<br><br>(repeat chorus)<br><br>The words of my rap are not what you think<br>But so secure I suggest you take 'em to the bank<br>Or better yet take these words to heart<br>Don't wait until tomorrow, now's the time to start<br>I'm not askin' for your money or rappin' for a fee<br>Think upon the words is my only plea<br>Cause this song's about to end, your time is runnin' thin<br>And now that my time is up, it's time for you to begin<br>To do this job is my only request<br>A basic rap exam puts mc's to test<br>Spread these words like a fire ablaze<br>Cause I'm tellin' ya we're livin' in the final days<br><br>(chorus)

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