Dayseeker - The World Was Quiet lyrics

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[It's been a long time comin’, the consequence of why my pride got the best of me,

Now it's been two years and we still don't speak ] x 2


When we first met, I knew even then that you were different

I felt the Earth stand still any time you were here

But the cheatin’, the lyin’, the act of denyin’ it doesn't always end up here

Here with nothin’ and you're so far from me

I held that burden on top of my shoulders

With every day, not a single word and all I said seemed to fall on deaf ears

If our bodies are still so cold, then why do you beg and plead for me to never let go?


We sleep on a bed of broken glass

There to rest but it still cuts throw your skin

Tell me where we stand when you're standin’ beside him

Goodbye again for the last time


I used to see that flicker of light off in the distance but it always burned out

Do your eyes see that flicker of light?

Cuz all I see is pitch black

You and I, we sleep on a bed of broken glass

Every photograph to depict how perfect your life is

That should be me in those captured fragments of your memory



Our love was a sinkin’ ship bound to fail from the day we met

You accept the love that you think you deserve

So you'll be miserable with him and I'll still be waitin’ here

[We watched that city burn bright, the sky filled the embers and your hand in mine

How I wish you suddenly appear

The world was so quiet when you were here] x 2

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