Dayseeker - The Darkness Won't Divide lyrics

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Not meant to be a father on this day

I'm not a bad man, yet cruel fate has ripped my daughter away

Not much for prayin' but I'm on my knees

Pleadin' for answers to this senseless passin'

Why would someone think the best time to die is before

They have the chance to open their eyes?

Don't say another word to comfort me

I'm not okay & I don't need blind faith

The more I'm tryin' to let go

The more that it's killin' me

Why am I buryin' my child when

I'm wishin' it was me in that grave

I should not be burdened with this pain

It's not fair to us, I'm givin' up

Oh I died inside when I knew she'll

Never see the sun rise

My daughter will never see the sun rise

Taken away before she had the chance to open her eyes

This is not god workin' in mysterious ways

This is the work of a coward who's either dead or won't show his face

I let that cold wave cover me

What's the point in gaspin' for air when

I don't even want to breathe?

Time will not heal these wounds

I'll grow old & she'll still be fast asleep

What am I supposed to do now?

How am I expected to understand when

I'm still reachin' for those little hands to let know that

This is just a bad dream & she'll be there when I wake up

She'll neva see the sun rise, no she won't

I know that you're at peace but I won't look for u in the clouds

I'll keep u in my heart till the sun burns out

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