Dayseeker - Spotless Mind lyrics

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I want the procedure done right away

Erase her from my thoughts, eradicate each memory

I used to believe that you would save me but as

I'm driftin' off to sleep, I know that you'll be gone by mornin'

We laid out on the ice and I'm just exactly where

I wanna be, I've neva felt that

Your impulse to throw me out has caused both

Our minds to drown in a sea of dyin' memories

We trace our footsteps back and put our time here to rest

But I can't remember anythin' without you

So when I wake, there will be nothin' left

How could I have suppressed the memory of the day we first met?

Please let me keep this one

I wanna call it off, can somebody wake me up?

I don't want this anymo'

I'm holdin' on to your love but they won't

Stop till it's dead

You and I both know soon it will be ova

So we cherish all that we have left

Clementine, I tried to rip you from my mind

Each prayer accepted, each wish resigned

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot

The world forgettin' by the world forgot

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Each prayer accepted, each wish resigned

I'll find you when I wake and we'll try again

I'll meet you in Montauk my dear old friend

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