David Haas

David Haas - We Will Rise Again

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1. Like a shepherd I will feed you; I will gather you with care.

I will lead you and hold you close to my heart.

Refrain : We will run and not grow weary, for our God will be our strength,

and we will fly like the eagle, we will rise again.

2. I am strength to the weary; to the weak I am new life.

Though the young may grow weary, I will be their hope.

3. Lift up your eyes, and see who made the stars.

I lead you, and I know you, I call you each by name.

4. Fear not, I am with you; I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you; uphold you with my hand.


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Tuesday 27th of March 2012 08:42
The words are powerful.Savour them and meditate on them... and indeed He will come to you in silence!