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David Gray - The Haunted House lyrics

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The Haunted House

Have YOU ever BEEN


bET YOU have!

a place you didn't understand

a place that frightened you

Did you SEE?

Did you HEAR?

Did you THINK?

that you knew what was around the corner

think back to a time

to a place where you felt you had been before

but couldn't understand why you felt that way

De'ja' voo

Did you hear the noise?

Did you SEE the light?

BATs flying way UP high

MONSTERS walking through a haze



Do you SEE how it collides

with R E A L I T Y?

We walk in a trance every day

No time for reflecting

Always in a hurry

Driving our weapons of destruction

faster, faster, faster

No time for KINDNESS

No time to GIVE

No time to FEEL

I saw a woman


I heard her ask

how much it would cost to repair

her TORN clothes

She looked like a deer

caught in the CROSSFIRE

Was so worried about how much it cost

no A F F E CT

i knew in my heart and soul

that she needed HELP

so i gave her a coin

so she could get

her clothes repaired

Didn't want her to worry about whether she could eat

And as i was about to leave discretely

she asked said: WHO ARE YOU?

I was startled because i knew




She knew that i understood


Because I was that woman

in another LIFE

a VAGABOND, who lost HER way

due to circumstance

It is the people who can still feel the pain

they are the ONES

who are still AWAKE

they haven't let their HEARTS

fall asleep

they haven't let their souls be silenced

or encased in SEA of DENIAL

We've all been in THE HAUNTED HOUSE

Blinded by our goals

JUST trying to make ends meet

But what about GOODNESS?

We forgot ABOUT goodness

we forgot that goodness COUNTS

more than anything

more than MONEY, POWER, or FAME

GOODNESS counts!

don't forget

it's all that matters

don't forget

don't forget

It's all that really matters

Just be good

and try to do the RIGHT thing

and (s)he will forgive us

if we mess up

just take the time

just make the effort

to do the right thing

and (s)he will forgive us

for (s)he knows that we are only human

and that we live in a haunted house

a house that makes us forget

where we've been


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