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David Gray - Kathleen lyrics

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Lay down my head by the wayside

My worn out shoes

Quite why she went I can’t decide

Yeah but I sure could use

One plate of food steaming and hot

Clean linen ironed

On a fresh made bed but I ain’t got

One salty dime, one salty dime

One salty dime

Just close your eyes it won’t take long

It won’t hurt a bit

Telling myself I could be strong

Or some such brave bullshit

Trucks are roaring by I’m a red ghost

In their tail light gleam

I’m a tumbleweed, I’m a spit roast

Just turning in your flame

Oh my darlin’ Kathleen

Cars they sound like waves that are breaking

On some distant shore

I gazed so hard into the great aching sky

It seemed that I, I wasn’t here no more

That my rushing blood was a river

My eyes two stars

My blowing hair all a quiver

A whispering field of grass

That murmurs as you pass

Oh my darlin’ Kathleen

That whispers out your name

Oh my darlin’ Kathleen

Oh my darlin’ Kathleen

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