David Fonseca

David Fonseca - U Make Me Believe lyrics

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I write down all my secrets

But i don't feel self-assured

I swallow them has soon as someone

Enters my bedroom door

There's something I need to say

But I'll wait for you

I'll get rid of the evidence

Of all the blood stains in my clothes

All of my self-injuries

I will let none of them show

There's so many things I need to say

And no one to say them but you

Because you

Take me

Make me


Ther's a crowd of vultures

That are tightening up the siege

They feed on the random lovers

That fall short on their believes

I wont fall short on my ways

I will cross all these storms through

For you

Because you

Take me

Make me


There's so many things i need to say

And i?ll keep them until i get them through

To you

Because you

Take me

Make me


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