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David COrrey - Cold World lyrics

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Started from the bottom, say I’ll never have shit,

I started from the bottom

Respect you won’t feed none

I ain’t goin’ on til I’m done

Last my mama on last shit,

She said baby got no swift

And I lost a lot of friends thou

It was probably for the best dog

Ain’t no traffic in your own lane

Cuz I’m warnin’ in my own lame

In this cold world it’s insane

Watch me got it,


In this cold world

It’s a cold world

In this cold world

It’s a cold world


Cold bloody, it’s a cold bloody world

And I’m marry to the grind

I’m the man in my world

Started out locally, now we no globally

Said I never have shit, walk up to the money team

Ooh I’m bout the grime, with a billion dollar voice and a million dollar smile

Makin’ all the women moice, they ain’t even got a choice

So much thang, so much voice

I’m takin’ in on the race

Somethin’ like alley, flyin’ like a butterfly

Stayin’ like a bee, is soemthin’ that you need to know

I’m the next one to blow


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