David COrrey

David COrrey - Bad lyrics

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Yeah it’s me baby

No it’s not another one

You want company?

Go ahead and bring another one

Girl you wanna jump a girl like you

I can make you do bad things

It’s only practice

I can be boxin’

I’ll let you do the same shit

Who means your world babe?

I got a bigger element

Don’t don’t stop and stop

And stop

And think about it

We’re in the same case

I can speed it up

I have to get it up

Oh I can go nice and slow

Sit back and enjoy the show

And I will make you, make you

Make you

Baby you know my fly

It’s written on the wall

And I know your face, sweet

Girl you know you’re better than a motherfucker

Why you fuckin’ with the motherfucker?

Lick my lollipop

Wait,hold up

Got the face in the pillow

Got to grab and to cut

You know it gonna be like that

I’m a beast baby

Go low

Eat that pussy

It’s a feast baby

Oh yes I preach baby

She asks me how I want it

I said sloppy

Wax on, wax on

And I go so hard

Your man nigga try to copy me

But he can’t be me

She said she gets well when she sees me on TV

But don’t tell nobody

And every time I think of you

I want your body

And every time I think of you

I be like she got it

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