DAVID BOWIE - Chilly Down

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When the sun goes down (when the sun goes down)<br>And the bads are back again (and the bads are back)<br>The brothers come'round (the brothers come'round)<br>I get out of my dirty bed (my dirty bed)<br>I shake my pretty little head (I shake my pretty little head)<br>I tap my pretty little feet (I tap my pretty little feet)<br>We're brighter than sunlight<br>Laouder than thunder<br>Dancing like a yo-yo, wooh<br><br>Don't got no problems (no problems)<br>Ain't got no suitcase (no suitcase)<br>Ain't got no clothes to worry about (no clothes to worry about)<br>Ain't got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines binding me, yeah<br><br>I'll just through in my hand (through in his hand)<br>In the chilliest bunch in the land (in the land)<br>They don't look much (oh)<br>They sure chilly chilly<br>They party till they glow glow, huh (oh)<br><br>Chilly down with the fun gang<br>Think small with the fun gang<br>Bang hips with the fun gang<br>When you think it's wild<br>Chilly down<br>Chilly down with the fun gang (hey, I don't want a job)<br>Act tall with the fun gang (woah, walk tall)<br>Good times, bad food (yeah)<br>When you think it's wild<br>Chilly down, chilly down<br><br>Wild and crazy, really lazy, high rollin', funky strolling, ball playing<br>Hips swaying, trouble making, boody shaking, dripping, passing, jumping<br>Bouncing, brawling, stylin', creeping, pouncing, shouting, screaming<br>Double-dealing, rock-n-rolling, and oh reeling<br>With the max in sex appeal<br>Can you think I grew with feeling? <br><br>So when things get too tough (get too tough)<br>And your chin is dragging on the ground (dragging on the ground)<br>And even down looks up (down looks up)<br>Bad luck<br>We can show you a good time (show you a good time)<br>And we don't judge nothing (nothing at all)<br><br>Just strut your nasty stuff<br>Wiggle in the middle, yeah<br>Get you down talking, fun gang<br><br>Chilly down with the fun gang (think small)<br>Think small with the fun gang (bang)<br>Bang hips with the fun gang (hey, listen up)<br>When you think it's wild<br>Chilly down<br>Chilly down with the fun gang (ah, shake your pretty little head)<br>Let's go with the fun gang (tap your pretty little feet)<br>Good times, bad food (come on, come on)<br>When you think it's wild<br>Chilly down<br>Chilly down with the fun gang (wooh)<br>Think small with the fun gang (ha ha ha ha ha)<br>Bang hips with the fun gang

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Thursday 22nd of March 2012 08:53
This man can sing any kind of music&#65279; and just leaves one feeling totally entranced. Amazing!!!