David Banner

David Banner - Yao Ming Ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne

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Hello it’s mister David Banner

Y’all get you beat up i suggest that you don’t kiss her

.. don’t eat her

I run the MC’s in this bitch in my adida

I was chosen to expose where you chose as a leader

Yes i’m fresh like a rose get from the garden of Eden

I’m stepped out the rose my game rose like insta

I got a couple bitches that’s painted like Mona Lisa

Now f*ck my leisure and i never touch my visa

I sell ghetto my kid so red show got nuts like a rein oh

Part ...you now i ain’t .. some just sayin i know i said two

‘cause y’all niggas playin

The edge

And bitches call me Yao Ming

And bitches call me Yao Ming

Look at my daddy x 4

Yao Ming,

Look at my daddy x 4

Last nigga toast to the brand ..

I am so damn hot on the scale ..

Want my life wanna beat to them dance winner

All the band tryin with em, tryin to get up in the bad with em

And put my third .. in em

Oh I’ve been pumpin p**sy like gas nigga

Got my foko you get 8 like ..nigga

Steal you the shoe boss for my stash nigga

money is on .. you gonna need a drug round with ya

..self esteem high like 26 ..

you can kept me get holla like 20 bitches

Taking .. yeah you know I’m camera ready

I’m about to win that ass i got my camera ready


Look at my daddy x 4

And bitches call me Yao Ming

Look at my daddy x 4

And bitches call me Yao Ming

Look at my daddy x 4

Yao Ming

Look at my daddy x 4

Ok traffic on Mars smoking in the spaceship

Bright rare flacks thinking how ..fake lips

I’m forever young, forever young ..

Bitch cash money is the army ..

Don’t you be the .. i’m everything but sorry

Your bad ass don’t you come ..my heart i made the Charlie

No cleaning my car .. don’t believe on my carpet

..but all these .. but all this money .. regardless

I’m so high i won’t come down but my ..don’t loud

But waiting for one of these niggas to cross the line

Like a ..when i got you I’m .. bitch how bout that buy you

Blowing on the AK cut you like high school damn

David .. on the bitch .. dig it like a big ditch

I got the ..my hands i’m bout to make a sis

i stand tall as i mean ..must be new Yao Ming


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