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David Banner - The Game

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The Game - David Banner

feat. Scarface

[Intro: David Banner talking]

Yo mo' (more)

I went to see a friend of mine the other day

Ya know what I'm talkin' bout? (huh, I'm drunk)

She said, "Banner, you need to harmonize (harmonize) and hide"

Yeah, okay

But I asked her I was like, "How can a nigga be a fucking snitch?!"

Fucking snitch, bitch-ass

You don't even snitch on yo' fucking enemies, you coward-ass nigga

Kill those niggaz (I'm really, really high)

Ain't no respect to the game no mo' (more)

Niggaz is bitches (niggaz is bitches)

[Chorus: David Banner] - (Repeat 2X)

I done lost my love for the game

Shit'll never be the same

I'll never lose my love for the streets (the streets)

The streets got love for me

Might of lost my love for the game (game)

Niggaz don't even act the same

I'll never lose my love for the streets

Cause the streets got love for me (me)

[Verse 1: David Banner]

I hit the block before it's sunrise

I want to know where you bitch niggaz went and hide (yeh)

Went to sleep, open my eyes then I realize (yeh!)

Time to serve em weak, clock her ass and mash out

Get ya cash out, why ya motherfuckers sleep and ya passed out?

I'm in the hood tryin' to make a G before nine (9:00)

Five thirty (5:30) took a break, and I'm back on the grind

Four ten (4:10)

Put some dro in the wind then

Let it go cause ya know that a nigga gone

Tell she if a nigga get busted

Niggaz can't be trusted in the game cause shit ain't the same

Motherfuckers want me to blow out they brain (I done lost)

Shit cocked and blast

Put some lead in a motherfucker fast

Never play wit a gun, if ya can't stop that (stop that)

Or get that in ya motherfucking ass

[Chorus: David Banner] - (Repeat 2X)

[Verse 2: Scarface]

Took a chance when I came in

Did my time if I got caught

If I lost, it was my fault

Took the blame for the whole thing

And it was the work, it was my walk

To do or double wit the plot then

Let a nigga fellin' boxed in

I was slangin' in my socks then

On the corner flippin' 20's

Tryin' to turn em into 50's

On the ten speed right in front of walk in

It's no hood where I came from

Where a nigga got his game from

Ain't nothin' changed, I'm the same one

To pull a strap out my backpack

Cock the hammer back (clack!)

Duck and get ya brains hung

And shake the cop up when the block clear

Cause the drama doesn't stop here

Gotta watch for ya own peers

Nigga damn near ain't knowin' who the fuck I am

And you ain't knowin' how I got here

See we don't speak and we don't do nothin'

It's on you if you slang things

Get your money, homie, maintain

Keep yo' motherfucking mouth shut, dawg

Or you'll get offset and this a cold game

And snitch-niggaz never last long

So snitch-niggaz get yo' ass on

A snitch-nigga get yo' mask on

Took the pledge on my own hand

Then killed a rose motherfucker in my last song

[Chorus: David Banner] - (Repeat 2X) (w/ minor variations)

[Outro: David Banner]

I done lost, yeh

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