David Banner

David Banner - Talk To Me

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[Hook - David Banner] Repeat 2x

Now if these boys want war, talk to me now (Repeat 2x)

Lay it down motherfucker, lay it down you bitch (Repeat 2x)

[Verse 1 - David Banner]

The cracker smacker, the heat packer, the car-jacker

The if you don't come off ya shit, then click-clack and blaka-blaka

The bitch smacker, the cash, the dough

The confetti get bustin', to feel in your head

Your blood, drip in a mug

Poppin' the slugs

Me I just don't give a high fuck

'Bout none of yall, or ball

Flip, give him a call

On the celly, then it's on

War until your gone

Til' you die, decease

Fuck it bitch ain't no peace

Ain't no makin' up

Bustin this 9 motherfucker

Until it's breakin' up

I told yall bitches that I'm clickin'

I'm flippin these twankies

Buckin' at ? like I'm spankin'

Like the way I fucked yo babymama nigga you should thanked me

What it is, handle yo biz, I'm all off in yo crib

With your miss, the father of yo kids, is right HERE!!!

[Hook] Repeat 2x

[Verse 2 - Lil' Flip]

-Yeah, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Uh

Don't get your nose-broke (Nose Broke!)

Don't get your eye split (Eye Split!)

I hate you scary ass rappers that be talkin' shit

You, fuck around and make me pull that tech and leave you wet boy

Three hours later I'm at the club in my vette boy

I get respect boy, I'll break your neck boy

They love my style from the east to the west boy

I keep a pistol for haters

We put them spinners on gators

Fuck all the braggin' and boastin'

I'll leave you gaggin' and chokin'

You think I'm jokin, I'm not

I'll go to war for my niggaz

Unless I die, I'll testify I'd go to court for my niggaz

I'm from the land of the trill

Where perpetrators get killed

Around my way my nigga

That's how we live

[Hook] Repeat 2x

[Verse 3 - David Banner (Lil' Flip)]

-(Uh, YEAH!, Uh, Uh)

(Yeah you talk it but you don't mean it)

You got pussy bitch, and I seen it

And I smell it and inhale all the dro' that niggaz a hoe

(Don't ask me to hit my weed, don't ask me to hit my drank)

(We the best collaboration nigga fuck what you thank)

Like fiend on a tape, WHOMP WHOMP MUTHAFUCKA!!

And yo momma smoke crack, cuz she's a cheap dick sucka

(We got peanut-butter on 'lacs, from Texas to the Jack)

(And we keep heaters and milli-miters) Cuz we don't like the way yall act

And it's ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa, I'm knowin' where you are

I'm cockin' back my pistol, and I'm bustin' at ya car

[Hook] Repeat 2x

[Lil Flip - Talking] (David Banner)

Get buck motherfucker, Get buck (Bitch, Yeah!)

Get buck motherfucker, Get buck, give a fuck (Bitch, Yeah!)

(Lay It Down) Southside (Lay It Down) Bitch

(Lay It Down) Repeated until song fades

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