David Banner

David Banner - Street Life

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[David Banner Talking]

hey yo this tha biggest colibration in mutha fuckin

rap history we got young gunz , hype-d , bun b , magic ,

[Young Chris of Young Gunz - Verse 1]

hey yo R.O.C. In tha mutha fuckin house

ya fake niggaz need to take that dick

out yo mouth cuz nigga we in tha house

and put it on ya face and cough it up

beat that thing up you know how we roll

[Bun-B-Verse 2]

Its tha H-town texas comin through

ta speakers this is for tha niggaz

with a beaker for a nose i got bunch hoes

In H-town texas there aint no foes keep on reppin

tha dirty south and maybe we wont have 2 smack

yo mouth

[Hype - d - Verse 3]

Its tha ROC , and tha h-town niggaz

and tha dirty south reppas , runnin through yo town

ready to go down cuz when we come to yo town man u know

what went down man we shut shit down preformin our not

you know we there throw a drink in tha air and throw yo

mutha fuckin hands in tha air like u just dont mutha fuckin

care shit nigga im tha man i had to get on this numba 1 hit

just to show ya who i am i aint no fake so nigga shut up

before i buck u up , Hype-d , roc - h town in tha house

and you cant do a mutha fuckin thing bout it

[David Banner - Chrous ]

Its tha street life rollin through ya street

packin 45's choppaz and 9's nigga this is

tha real street life , tha real street life

MUTHA FUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Magic - Verse 4 ]

ya boy magic tha real fuckin soilder

pass tha doulja im that nigga now rap is

back so frame it up u bitches!!!!!!

[Hype -D , Bun-B , magic , Young Chris , and david banner all saying]

Hey yo nigga we back

[hype-d laughing]

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