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David Banner - STRANGE

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Isn’t it strange

What life is

What life fake

And low niggers still think is a game

You wanna black president

But we ain’t ready for change

Little … like we are still slaves

.. coming up you don’t wanna be in the game

.. got nothing … penalty flag

What part of the game is that?

.. too hot but I ain’t be in the trap no more

We are too familiar with the 6/4s

My nigger I’m too … dope

And I ain’t tricking … before

.. praying to God, take you … in my car

Monday to Thursday you ain’t thought about ..

Saturday is supposed to start the ..

Isn’t it strange

I used to understand

But now I notice the government’s plan

.. that another man …wouldn’t believe .. when a dog got beat

We all want the….for position I’m stressing

It’s all strange to me

That’s what I’m planning to see

… tight jeans like …

Now we are living in the .. time was there for nothing..

A black woman play momma and dad

My dad ride around all day .. his Caddy

He got 24 spinning 3-4 woman but he is much too busy

For the ids to come visit so he send them to a sister

.. you need to set yourself down the minute you kiss him

…why black ain’t accepted by Africans?

.. half nigger try to find a way ..

What I’m gonna say?..

When the South time is over

I wanna know … I love teets

Isn’t it strange?

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