David Banner

David Banner - Something Is Wrong

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In Chi-Town, D. Albert’s laying on the ground

His life bleeds away while other folks stand around

We gangstas, but we can’t stop the pain in our town

I watched it on the net and that moment was profound

The OG’z gotta put the BG’z in check

I’m tryna do something but I need y’all help

We started gangbanging to protect ourself

Now it’s power & respect to kill everything for wealth

And it’s the same thing in rap:

You tell the kids to stay hood and you ain’t even in the trap

He ain’t never sell dope, he ain’t never did time

And if you did, why would you want them to walk the same lines?

It’s like we travel back in time, took the whip with the crack

Now it’s Black on Black crime

Yeah, we put our cities on the map

But they call it the trap because most hoods are just that

A trap…<br />

<br />

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